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The roaster offers different styles of coffee from Italian blends to French, decaf and filter blends and the increasingly famous Pino Blend.

The specialised roasting process carried out on a daily basis by Pino and staff. Pino ensures a unique tasting product, that will keep you second guessing if you ever really beendrinking coffee until now.

We roast different blends of coffee for different franchise brands in traditional Italian packaging. Our blends include:


  • Italian - Dark strong roast.
  • Pino - Medium roast.
  • Napoli - Medium dark roast.
  • Decaffeinated blend - (swiss - waterwash)


  • Dark - Strong roast
  • Breakfast Blend -Medium roast.
  • Moka - Light roast.

Other products include

  • Caffé da Pino Hot Chocolate.
  • Caffé Da Pino Creamer.
  • Mineral Water - Still/sparkling.
  • Brown/ White sugar and sweeteners.
  • Coffee machines to suit various sites.